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InfoSecurity Magazine – Achieving Secure Defense in Depth

5 Things to Improve Your Application Security Program

Introduction to Penetration Testing for Application Teams


Code on the Beach – Application Security Risks and Exposure – James Jardine presents at Code on the Beach about different application security risks and how it exposes the application and organization.

[Panel] When iOS Code is Leaked: How Companies Can Manage App Security – A discussion with Jeanne Morain, Don Cox, and James Jardine about the iOS iBoot code leak.

How Hacking Changed My Perspective – Code on the Beach 2016 – A discussion on how hacking has changed my perspective on how applications are created and how features are abused.

Recharging Penetration Testing to Maximize Value – Derbycon 6

TMI: How To Attack SharePoint Servers and Tools to Make it Easier – DerbyCon 2013

Presented with Kevin Johnson where we discussed how SharePoint can be used to find information relative to an attacker and some tools to help make it easier.

 Ninja Developers: Application Security Testing and Your SDLC РKentucky ISSA 2012

Presented on different tools developers can use to help test security during the SDLC.

Red Dawn: How Small Groups and Organizations Can Protect Themselves

Presented with Kevin Johnson where we discuss how small organizations are targets for attackers and how they can protect themselves.

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Podcast Interviews

Purple Squad Security – Ep. 23 – Speaking to Developers with James Jardine

Startup Security Weekly #46

Security Guy Radio – Interview at Enfuse 2017 discussing application security

EIS Podcast – How to hire qualified application security talent – Part 1

EIS Podcast – How to hire qualified application security talent – Part 2


SOCHI – Is it safe to use your phone?

ViewState XSS: What’s the Deal?

A quick demonstration of manipulating the ASP.Net ViewState Parameter to perform Cross-Site Scripting attacks.

ASP.Net EventValidation: Parameter Tampering

A quick demonstration of manipulating ASP.Net parameters with EventValidation enabled.

ASP.Net Validation Controls: Don’t Forget Page.IsValid

A quick demonstration of why developers must check the Page.IsValid property.

Installing Cygwin on Windows

A quick introduction to installing the Cygwin environment on a Windows system.

Installing RatProxy on Windows

A quick introduction to installing RatProxy on windows.  This video builds off of the Cygwin video.

Laudanum by Example

A quick introduction to the Laudanum tool.

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